Regional Planning


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Reports - PMC
01-20-2016 PMC - Transmission Developer Qualification Application 8/1/2016Regional Planning
02-04-2016 PMC - Energy Strategies Draft Scenario Concepts for WestConnect 8/1/2016Regional Planning
03-11-2015 WestConnect Antitrust Guidelines Draft 3/17/2015Regional Planning
06-15-2015 WestConnect Approve Case CTG Results 6/15/2015Regional Planning
06-16-15 PMC - 2026 Light Spring Case Description (Western Planning Regions / TEPPC) 6/9/2015Regional Planning
06-19-2019 Regional Planning Issues List 8/21/2019Regional Planning
08-08-2019 Draft 2020-21 P3 Review Definition of TOLSO Planned Projects 8/22/2019Regional Planning
08-17-16 WestConnect PMC Meeting - Desired Uses of WC Data CCS - 08-04-16 8/23/2014Regional Planning
08-17-2016 WestConnect PMC meeting - Desired Uses of WC Data 8/23/2014Regional Planning
08-17-2016 WestConnect PMC Meeting Potential CAS Recommendations to PMC 8/23/2014Regional Planning
11-02-2015 WestConnect PMC Meeting TTF Report 7/30/2016Regional Planning
11-09-2017 2016-17 Regional Planning Survey Responses - Summarized 11/15/2017Regional Planning
11-09-2017 2017-17 Regional Planning Survey Responses - All 11/15/2017Regional Planning
12-14-2015 Final Regional Transmission Plan - Cleaned 8/4/2020Regional Planning
12-14-2015 Final Regional Transmission Plan - Redlined 12/14/2015Regional Planning
12-15-2015 WestConnect Final RTP Stakeholder Comments and PMC Responses 7/30/2016Regional Planning
12-15-2020 WestConnect Deliverables and Confidentiality Mapping - Draft 12/15/2020Regional Planning
WECC SPSG Member Update - 8-6-2010 8/11/2010Regional Planning
WestConnect Draft 2015 Regional Study Plan Final Comment Matrix - 12-30-2014 12/31/2014Regional Planning
WestConnect Process Alternative Entry 8/11/2015Regional Planning