Regional Planning


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Regulatory Filings and Comments
02/26/06 SWAT CCPG Transmission Planning Principles Final 1/22/2008Steering Committee
04-10-2006 WC Filing with FERC on MRTU 8/14/2006Steering Committee
04/07 TEPPC TASSWG Study Plan Version 3 5/29/2007Steering Committee
05/06 Revised Bylaws Clean 5/29/2007Steering Committee
05/28/07 890 Strawman Parts1-3 Clean 5/29/2007Steering Committee
05/28/07 890 Strawman Parts1-3 Redline 5/29/2007Steering Committee
06-01-06 WestConnect Comments to WECC on Reliability Coordinator Proposal 8/14/2006Steering Committee
06-01-06 WestConnect Statement of Support to WECC MIC Proposal 8/14/2006Steering Committee
08-07-06 SWAT Comments on FERC 888 Reform NOPR 4/22/2008Steering Committee
08-07-2006 WC filing with FERC on Order 888 reform NOPR 8/14/2006Steering Committee
08/24/06 Approved Objectives Procedures Transmission Planning 5/29/2007Steering Committee
11-28-05 SWAT Comments to DOE on West. Energy Corridors 4/22/2008Steering Committee
Colorado PUC Decision C08-0607 Order Opening Investigatory Docket - 06-11-2006 6/20/2008Steering Committee
FERC Compliance Filing - 02-25-2009 2/26/2009Steering Committee
FERC Order - 021009 2/16/2009Steering Committee
FERC Order 890 - WestConnect Appendix K Draft Outline - SWAT/CCPG Joint 8/21/2007 Presentation 10/15/2008Steering Committee
Southwest Area Transmission (SWAT) - Subregional Transmission Planning Order 890 Presentation - 10-30-2007 1/22/2008Steering Committee
TEPPC Charter 5/29/2007Steering Committee
TEPPC comments on DOE NIETC *DRAFT* 5/21/2007Steering Committee
VirtualControlAreaStudyRFI StudyScope040207.pdf 4/9/2007Steering Committee
WestConnect Comments FERC Docket AD09-8 - 11-23-2009 11/24/2009Steering Committee
WestConnect Planning - Comment on FERC Docket AD09-8 - 11-30-2009 11/30/2009Steering Committee
WestConnect Planning - FERC Order Accepting WestConnect Compliance Filings - 7-16-2009 8/3/2009Steering Committee
WestConnect Planning - FERC Order Accepting WestConnect Compliance Filings Xcel/PSCo - 7-16-2009 8/3/2009Steering Committee
WestConnect Regional Pricing Experiment 205 Filing (Filed Version) - 12-12-2008 12/15/2008Steering Committee
WestConnect Regional Transmission Planning Agreement Execution Copy 5-23-2007 Amended Objectives and Procedures 01-14-20 6/8/2011Steering Committee
WestConnect Stakeholder Meeting - FERC Order 890 Transmission Planning 5/21/2007Steering Committee